Recent rantings of mine: There are a bunch of columns in mathNEWS I have redone them slightly to suit my desires in terms of formatting. Not one word from the original article has been omitted. (Although in the America, America! column a quote was omitted from the paper copy, I include it here because the only reason it was omitted was to save space - I think.)

Walking in Waterloo
Predetermined with Eyes Shut Tight
America, America!
Computing in Undergrad Land
True Patriot Love
Scenes from the Fin-De-Siecle
Arbitrary Measures
Lexical Analysis
Shots from the Peanut Gallery
Fault Tolerance
Music For The Masses
Urban Art

This is something Tomas Benda, see my Links section, and I submitted to mathNEWS. How to use a Unix terminal, US marines style.

Stan Kubrick might not approve but: Full Metal Jacket For Computer Science Students.

So you want to learn how to prove by induction? Already know how but don't believe that induction is so special? Don't care about proofs but think that Microsoft Windows is the greatest thing since sliced bread? You have some learning to do, click here.

Note: many of thses articles are on the site of the newspaper they were published in, use your back button on your browser to return to my page. :)

This is a letter written by a "Young conservative".
This is My reponse.
I show off too much don't I? But he had it comming. ;-)

This is an article called, fittingly, Outrage. It was pretty outrageous, my response is provided.
Alright, the article was not SO outrageous, but hey I was left very peaved by it.

Freedom of speach is important, but it has its limits, as I felt were crossed in this letter to the editor. So I wrote my little response. I think I was right, in retrospect. I also think that "only a fool adhores contradiction." - Gertude Stein
I guess Stein never studied math. :)

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