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A good supervisor can step on your toes without messing up your shine.

Login: mcole          			Name: Michael J. Cole
Directory: /home/mcole              	Shell: /bin/bash
Office: 416-574-2653, 416-925-0063
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Take legal action against Microsoft Inc. (Mental anguish, pain and
suffering... & cetra).

Buy PNP (Pickering Nuclear Power plant, not to be confused with Plug 'N
Play), use waste to make Plutonium for small atomic bomb. Become next
nuclear power, launch hostile take over of Nebraska.

Remember Coke and Jolt are welcome additions to Michael's life.
Actually Jasmine tea goes over really well these days, I like the stuff 
from Yunnan... there are some great tea stores in Kunming. :-)

- !!!Take over the world!!!
  (Hey what .plan file is complete without it?)
- Pile it Higher and Deeper in a PhD somewhere... well its either that
  or a B.A. in History now that I have a B. Math and an M. Eng.
- Figure out - if somewhat improbably - the ultimate question.
- note:
- I am working on it!
  (It's a "Hitch - Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" joke. :)
Enough about me already, email me if you actually care so much that you
read this far!

Okay all you non Unix hacks, now type: "finger mcole@... | more"
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