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That picture was taken in January of 2001. Sadly I was not going to Jupiter when it was taken. I was however working at Munich Life Management Corp. which is not a bad job. :)

There are also some old photo's of me. This picture was taken in January of 1999 at The Ontario College of Art & Design. My boss at the OCAD was a micromanager, I did not like him very much, as a result I do not have fond memories of the place. You can click here and here to see the two older pictures of me.
The second photo was taken in December of 1999 at OCAD. I don't like the December one as much.

I was a student in the faculty of math at the University of Waterloo, I graduated in the summer of 2002 with a major in Computer Science. Back then it was the department of Computer Science, you could not get a degree in the field.

I am also a survivor of a Masters of Engineering at Ryerson University. You could say I escaped the computer networks program with an MEng.

For further details see my full finger info here.

Of course there is more to me than school! (Although sometimes even I wonder about that.) Can a person be summed up in a .project or .plan file? Here are my old and current .signature files. A signature is something that gets appended to the end of email, if I use the appropriate email client.

Feel free to Email me, Michael. If you are very lucky you will even see my signature at the end of the reply.

Quotation fun, everything you ever wanted to know about Winston Churchill but were afraid to ask.

What web page is complete without photos?
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Documents I have had time to put on line.

How to build an operating system.
I was going to put that in a magazine but nobody wanted to publish me.

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You? - Spam reporting for the masses
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